Lead Capturing & Lead Nurturing with REV CMO

Have you ever seen a dog chasing a car, and wondered what the animal was going to do with the vehicle if it finally caught it? That’s kind of what we picture sometimes with companies’ lead generation efforts. So many organizations focus so much on getting the top of their sales funnel set up right to bring in lots of leads. Then they perfect their tactics at the bottom to close lots of deals. What about the middle, though? How do you get from here to there? That’s where lead nurturing matters most.

In The Beginning

Not every lead needs, let alone wants to buy right when they first meet your brand. In fact, it’s rare that anyone would.

Leads need time and information to become prospects. Likewise for prospects to convert to customers. And “information” is a broad category, too. We’re not talking about just firehosing them with features and spec sheets. The kind of information they need includes not only technical details, but also a knowledge of how you do business.

Prospects want to know about the kind of relationship they’re about to enter into. Business deals are not about only an exchange of money and goods. The true and full value to the customer depends as much on what they have to go through as a consequence of getting it, as it does on the money they’ll pay for it.

Customers would like to know in advance, as much as possible, whether they will have a good client service experience after the sale. So that becomes one of the key factors in their interactions with you at the top of the funnel. How well do you respect and address a lead’s concerns now? As far as they know, that’s how it will always be!

Dropping Off or Carrying On

Now, you might be the most attentive and conscientious customer service provider in the world. If the product isn’t right for the customer in the first place, though, then that doesn’t matter at all.

Effective lead nurturing brings as many qualified prospects to a buying decision as possible. That means that it doesn’t waste any time dragging out relationships that won’t be mutually beneficial. It doesn’t mean completely ghosting them, either. Be graceful and thankful for their time!

Even when you’re not a good match, leads can refer you to other contacts in their network who might be. The trick is to deserve them and remember to ask for them!

After the Close

After the deal, lead nurturing continues. You’ll help the customer use your solution, troubleshoot when necessary, and gather feedback. This shows them that you value their experience doing business with you. When they feel appreciated, they become a source of more leads, in the form of both repeat business and referrals.

The key is to keep the relationship strong and beneficial to all sides. Keep in mind that no one likes a bait-and-switch. If you promise the moon, you better be ready to deliver. Providing terrible service will do far more harm to your brand in the long run than never landing the deal in the first place.

Lead Nurturing, the REV CMO Way

REV CMO is about providing client companies with higher-level marketing insights and strategies. We do it without you incurring the expense of hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer. Lead nurturing is one of the many techniques we help our clients use so they can build a bridge to an even more productive future. Be sure to contact us today to discuss what it will take to rev up your business!

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