What Does an External CMO Do?

New or small companies that struggle to keep up with their own marketing needs can find relief in external support. Hiring an External Chief Marketing Officer takes a lot of the pressure off of the company’s other officers and staff. How does an external CMO accomplish that, though?

There’s at least one way that the arrangement works the same as if they were part of your own full-time management team, and two important ways that it’s different.

Creation, Analysis, Emotion

At the fundamental level, the role of any CMO is to create and coordinate marketing campaigns for their company, and an external CMO is no exception. They’re responsible for overseeing the research, design, implementation, and evaluation of every marketing activity their company or client takes on.

That means they need to have an ear for what sounds good to people, and an eye for what looks right. A CMO must be a good judge of what’s most likely to get the maximum attention of prospective customers.

Likewise, before, during, and after each campaign, they’re attentive to performance metrics and results. They’re quick on their feet and able to pivot a campaign fast if something isn’t working as planned.

Tied up with all of that is the question of managing staff and their activities. Dealing with people is a special challenge all on its own. Being able to balance the needs of individual team members with company objectives calls for both empathy and perspective.

Successful CMOs are the ones who combine the challenges of creative marketing and practical management with a deep understanding of human beings and what drives them. They leverage this combination to push their company forward towards more and better sales relationships.

Dedicated But Flexible Support

Where an external CMO differs from one who’s part of the in-house C-suite, though, starts with flexibility.

New and small companies that are just starting to think about scaling don’t necessarily need a full-time CMO. A few hours per week might be just enough to get things going.

That means that a CMO working for such a company would have a lot of extra time on their hands. A more efficient solution is to contract with an external marketing service provider like REVCMO.

With this business model, a single CMO can work for multiple companies at once with no conflict. They can dedicate the exact amount of time that each client requires for success. What’s more, they can do it on a contractual basis that covers long-term service, or with an as-needed approach.

This gives their client companies far more freedom to move around. You get marketing direction only when you want it, and it’s there right when you need it.

Corporate Experience Without Corporate Costs

An external CMO provides small companies with a smart way to punch above their weight. You get all of the benefits of industrial-grade marketing power, including deep market experience and insight, without all of the associated costs.

By only contracting and paying for as much service as you need, you never have to worry about idle hands in your marketing department. The very nature of the arrangement makes it more likely that your external CMO will want to deliver better results faster, so they can do the same for their other clients, too.

In the end, the only downside is needing to hire a full-time in-house CMO of your own later on, after your scaling success makes it necessary. REVCMO gets you to that point faster than going it alone ever could.

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